Background and Our Solutions


UK businesses have identified a shortfall in "soft" workability skills and "hard" sector specific skills. In contrast education providers and local governments are seeking closer relationships with business to help deliver enriched curriculums and business programmes to motivate young people.  Inspiring Skills is developing toolkits and state of the art technologies to bring business, education and local authorities together. This will enable local government and education providers to monitor demands and shortfalls in specific sectors.

Our Solutions

Collaboration Portal

The portal will bring businesses closer to education to provide a rich and diverse resource for schools and further education. A business matching toolset will broker sustainable relationships between education and business to ensure young people have a comprehensive understanding of the world of work. The system will also host a business database to support local trade, a supply of work experience candidates and a pipeline for apprentices and job seekers. Businesses will be able to support schools in their delivery of employability skills, support business growth and education can share best practice.

Skills Charter

The charter underpins the portal through a mutually beneficial three way agreement between business, education and local government. The charter provides benefits such as; Corporate and Social Responsibility, local purchasing, knowledge sharing, standardisation, consistency, best practice and real time labour market statistics.

Skills Passport

Squirrelit is a free life skills passport delivered through a smart device application. It allows young people from primary school age to collect and develop life and work skills using incentives represented by coloured acorns which will be earned through endorsement. It is intended to inspire young people by allowing them to demonstrate life skills and increase self confidence in their abilities.  It will help all young including the students that struggle with exams and academic attainment.

Achievements are shared and stored for a rainy day such as; work experience, college application or job interviews. Squirrelit will help attract the right candidate to the right post and increase awareness of the growing sector opportunities.  Squirrelit will be accessible from primary school age through secondary, higher education and beyond. 

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